Trailer Ranges

When Selecting a trailer there are several key criteria that need to be determined



You will need to know the weight of the boat including all the extras that are going to be carried  in the boat including fuel, water,anchor etc, it always best to allow a small margin, in case situations change



The boat will usually be given the overall length of the boat including overhangs at both ends

In the case of ribs the overall advertised length of a boat will usually include the overhang of the tube at the front and the sponsons at the rear. The main part of the hull that the trailer is supporting is usually about a metre less than the overall length of the boat.

Powerboats and cruisers occasionally have bathing platforms fitted, which overhang the rear of the main hull. It is the length of the main hull that needs to be used when calculating the length of the trailer required 



Generally, the smaller the boat the narrower the trailer, and the lighter the boat. There are three basic widths of trailer that we make

N series 1.6metres wide

Y seriers 2.1 metres wide

D series  2.3m wide 



The most popular type of supprots are the multi roller supports. We also offer keel roller with bunk supports 




We list the most popular sizes and configurations of trailers, but we have the flexibility to make trailers in an extremely varied manor, too many to list. If you have a particular requirement please enquire and we endeavour to supply you